The End is Near: Part 2

AdventAs we prepare for Advent, we remember that Christ is coming soon for all of us.  He comes to us every day in the form of those who are in need.  He will come to us on the day that we die and we go before his throne of judgment.  Finally, he will come again in glory where God “will be all in all.”

His coming to us is a great mystery that we will forever contemplate.  Yet, this mystery is accessible in very real ways.

For the second week of Advent, I propose several ways that we can enter into that mystery (these ideas can also be found on

On December 8th, we celebrate Mary, the Immaculate Conception.  On this Holy Day of Obligation, we honor Christ our Lord who was conceived in the womb of the one immaculately conceived.  She was conceived without original sin because of the Father’s love for his son, for her and for all of us.

On this day, going to Mass is the most important and necessary thing that we day to celebrate the Immaculate Conception.  We can also decorate a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with flowers.  We can recite the Hail Mary in honor of Mary.  Also, we can read about Mary:

December 9th, we honor St. Juan Diego.  Pray for the protection of migrants and workers.

December 10th, the Church joins with the United Nations by recognizing International Human Rights.  “Let’s pray for Pray in particular today for the life and dignity of the peoples of Africa and read about the Church in Africa, which has almost tripled in size in the past 30 years despite challenges of debt, epidemics, severe poverty, and political unrest” (

December 11th, we can remember that this year we celebrate Consecrated Life.  Let’s talk about in our homes the beauty of consecrated life and the impact that religious brothers, sisters, and priests have had on all of us.  Let’s also pray for vocations.

December 12th, we honor our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas.  We can remember how her intervention in Mexico led to the conversion of many.  She also is the patroness of the unborn.  Let’s pray for an increase in respect for all human life.

December 13th, St. Lucy’s memorial is celebrate all throughout the world.  Lucy’s name finds its root in the word “light.”  As a family we can talk about how we can bring the light of Christ to others.

Next week, I will present to you part 3 of this series.

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