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Welcome To The Conversation…

We’re very glad that you have stopped by our table.  Grab a cup of coffee or any beverage of your choice and feel comfortable as you peruse through these various articles.

Some of them really are conversations in the truest sense because some have actually joined in with comments or questions.

Other articles are simply our thoughts, reflections, and the occassional Sunday homily that we might decide to put into writing.

Anyone is welcome to join in, whatever your beliefs or prejudices.

If you are a Catholic Christian, this place should make you feel right at home.  We hope to provide to you a place where you can feel comfortable to ask any question that you want.  There are a lot of challenges out there to our faith.

Sometimes the response is to engage in apologetics.  Other times, we just need to know our own history.  On occassion all that’s required is authentic witness and preaching the kerygma.

And at all times, we need to pray.

If you are a Christian of another denomination, I greet you with respect as a sister or brother in Christ.  These are unique times in which we are all growing closer together by recognizing first who binds us together, Christ Jesus.

Then we work respectfully and charitably through our differences.

We all have something to offer each other.

If you are a non-Christian and a person of goodwill, welcome and we hope you stick around.  Some of the things discussed may sound strange, outdated, or just plain wrong.

That’s ok.

You are also invited and encouraged to engage in the conversation.

Indeed, we hope to express the very essence of Christian hospitality and dialogue and to fully represent what we claim: that Christ and his Church is for every person.

Enjoy your visit and please bookmark us as we continue to update the site very regularly.

-Fr. Christopher Plant

Chief Editor

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